OFVHA Mission Statement


The Old Fort Velasco Historical Association will:

  1. Facilitate consolidation and cooperation with ownership and leases of the historic grounds of Fort Velasco, a Mexican fort that was the site of the battle between Texas volunteers and Mexican forces on June 27, 1832. The principal owners of these grounds are the Village of Surfside Beach and the Cradle of Texas Conservancy (CTC).
  2. Facilitate official recognition of these declared historic grounds by the Village of Surfside Beach, to be used for no other municipal or commercial enterprise.
  3. Facilitate, as practicable, further archaeological studies to identify and conserve historic structures and artifacts on this site, and to secure these grounds from damage, destruction and unauthorized trespassing or relic hunting.
  4. Reconstruct and operate Fort Velasco as a sustainable, non-profit historic site- for public visitation, educational and special events; to the mutual benefit of the Village of Surfside Beach, Brazoria County and the State of Texas.
  5. Advocate to have the site declared a State of Texas and/or national historic site.
  6. Seek patrons, grants and to conduct ongoing non-profit fundraising to finance and achieve these (above) goals.