Velasco and the Lively

Velasco and the Lively
Honoring our History, 12-20-2014

They came to where the Brazos spills
Into the Texas Sea
Adventurers and Patriots
To start our history
With Karankawas all about
And Mexicans to fight
These Thirty eight would lead the way
To freedom through the night
At old Velasco it began
When the “Lively” came to rest
As Austin’s men did step ashore
True freedom was their test
This schooner brought new energy
To this place in Mexico
And the Texas heartbeat here began
Then its blood began to flow
These colonists would all arrive
With courage hope and strength
To wage a war for freedoms dreams
That seemed of endless length
Still Austin’s men in time prevailed
And liberty did flow
The Schooner “Lively” was that ark
That brought these seeds to grow

David L. Devaney

Velasco was originally located on the Gulf Coast on the east side of the mouth of the Brazos River where present-day Surfside is located.[2] In 1821, the schooner Lively landed at the site with thirty-eight men, the first of Stephen F. Austin‘s colonists. At the time, Texas was part of Mexico, but Austin had obtained permission to bring American settlers into the area, with the first colonists settling in what is now southern Brazoria County.[2]

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