Surfside and Velasco

Where Chivalry is Found, 05-12-2015

Quietly quaint and quixotic
This village by the sea
A place where ghosts called “Texians”
Relive their history
This island chivalrous and rare
Has spirits by the score
A Fort where pioneers all joined
To win Velasco’s war
Nestled on the central Gulf
Where the Brazos finds its end
It’s here a battle had been fought
With freedom to defend
It’s now a land of fisherfolk
Vacationers and more
Four miles of tranquility
Along the Texas shore
Undiscovered by those drawn
To other Ports of Call
Yet still some day you’ll find this jewel
And love it most of all
So next when you are travelling
In search of precious gold
Come share this Texas “Paradise”
Where beauty does unfold

David L. Devaney

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