First Blood

Fort Velasco – June 25 – 26, 1832

You need not be imagining
To sense and feel and know
That Texas and its History
In Surfside first did flow
In June of Eighteen Thirty-Two
Twelve soldiers fought and died
T’ was here “Republic” blood was shed
With freedom as its guide
A cannon was the reason shared
With Anahuac the goal
That Texans fought for freedoms right
And life would be the toll
One hundred did that Fort defend
When conflicts did begin
A militia of one twenty five
Used Austin’s will to win
It took two days of skirmishing
To victory achieve
When Domingo did surrender
The Republic would believe
That independence could be found
With commitment to a dream
At Velasco on the Brazos
This war now had its theme
With reason and true purpose set
The conflict had begun
This “First Blood” shed then led to more
Till freedom had been won

David L. Devaney
© 05-14-2015

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