2019 Auction Items

These items will appear one of our auctions (live or silent).

donated by Commissioners Dude Payne and David Linder

Texas Star Wall Art

donated by BASF Corporation – Freeport site
Patriot Wall Hanging

  • 45″ x 23″ framed and ready to hang
  • autographed by artist Gary Crouch

Texas Flag donated by the Honorable Dennis Bonnen
Texas Flag

  • with certification that flag flew at the Austin State House

donated by Tom and Marsha Hines
Frankoma Pottery RNC Mugs

  • set of Republican presidents since 1968 (when Frankoma started making these) to 2005
  • shows president and vice president names and inauguration year

donated by Sorrell Construction Equipment & Materials, LLC
Fifteen Tons of Crushed Concrete

  • valued at $440.00

donated by Candy and Robert Rab
Coat Rack

  • handcrafted by Robert Rab
  • approximately two feet long

donated by River Redezview, Dido’s, and Captain Frank Dietz
Dinner Cruise for 20

  • multi-course meal
  • San Bernard River

donated by Karalee Lance
Artillery through the Ages and Small Replica Cannon

donated by Stan (Stephen F. Austin) and Jamie Murray
Beach Lovers’ Gear

  • beach bag
  • cooler on wheels
  • beach towel
  • 2 beach-themed dish towels

donated by Karalee Lance
Crystal Rose Vase

donated by Marilyn Davison
Beach House Kitchen Collection

  • flip-flop paper towel roll holder
  • flip-flop tray
  • dishes
  • two dish towels (not pictured)

donated by Walter Luckett (Sweatshop Crafts)
Handcrafted Pen

  • gun-action movement

donated by Karalee Lance
Large Decorative Bowl

  • silver with gold flowers
  • covered in glass

donated by Carrie Primm
Hibiscus (original watercolor by Carrie Primm)

  • 11″ x 15″

donated by Carrie Primm
Pelican (original watercolor by Carrie Primm)

  • 15″ x 11″

donated by Duckie and the Grackle
“Chickee Baby – Quatre” and Wild BIrd Giclees

  • painting by Duckie
  • Duckie’s book (Wild Bird Giclees) features “Chickee Baby” painting

donated by Ron Frankel
Cutty Sark Pitcher and Flask

donated by Henry and Dortha Pekar
Framed Sand Dollar Poem with Sterling Silver Sand Dollar Necklace and a Genuine Sand Dollar

donated by Friend of Fort Velasco
Wood-Framed Mirror with Print of Clipper Ship “Nightingale”

donated by Eileen M. Benitz Wagner, Henry and Dortha Pekar, and OV/SBHC
Follett’s Island History Package

  • autographed copies of The Ghost City of San Luis Island and In Search of the Acadia
  • 1952 limited edition in slipcase of A Visit to Texas (foldout map intact)
  • first edition of Thunder on the Brazos (1978) by Mary Delanie Boddie
  • 1968 edition of The Isle of Mal Had and Other Stories edited by Clarence Wharton
  • includes a pair of beautiful bookends

anonymous donor
Genuine Blue Topaz

  • 7.09 carats
  • approximate value – $600

donated by Melanie Oldham
Reagan/Bush Campaign Buttons

donated by Carrie and Buster Primm
1891 Velasco Hotel Watercolor

  • original painting by Carrie Primm
  • matted and framed (22 3/4″ x 19″)

donated by Red Snapper Inn
Dinner with the Chef

  • entitles bearer to one “Dinner with the Chef” event at the Red Snapper Inn during the 2019 season
  • good for two guests
  • “Dinner with the Chef” is a four-course win dinner

donated by Beachfront Properties
James Avery Beach Bracelet

  • sterling silver
  • three charms

donated by Killum Pest Control, Inc.
Mosquito Control and Termite Inspection

donated by FTR Race Management
Surfside Marathon Race Entry

  • good for half or full marathon

donated by FTR Race Management
Surfside Marathon Race Entry

  • good for half or full marathon

donated by Ron McCulley
Natural Bead Necklace

  • handmade by Ron McCulley
  • puka
  • mammoth ivory
  • cobalt blue glass
  • fish hook (bone)

donated by Nat Hickey and Blueline Print Shop
“Coffee Break”

  • scene from Freeport, 1910
  • 24″ x 36″
  • black frame
  • mounted on foam board

donated by Kenny and Sarah Lamb
Winchester Repeating Arms 12-Gauge Shotgun

  • 3² chamber, 28² barrels + 3
  • $1200 value

donated by Karalee Lance
Metal Towel Rack


  • wooden “Sea” plaque
  • two starfish hand towels
  • two accent bottles

donated by Breaker Sports
Metal Wall Art

  • underwater theme
  • turtles
  • fish

donated by Breaker Sports
Bathroom Storage

  • wooden seagulls toilet paper holder
  • wooden waste can
  • two bathroom reading books
    • Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into Texas
    • Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into History by the Bathroom Readers Hysterical Society

donated by Marilyn Davison
Wooden Beach Decor

donated by Marilyn Davison
Wooden Anchor Wall Decor

donated by Karalee Lance
Bamboo and Palm Chest

  • palm tree design on lid

donated by Ron McCulley
Winchester Rifle

donated by RJS Construction (Richard J. Sherman)
Ceramic Beach-Themed Kitchen Canisters

donated by Sam and Billye Pakenham-Walsh

  • handcrafted
  • leaded glass

donated by Karalee Lance
Cutting Board/Serving Tray and Serving Bowl

  • tempered glass cutting board/serving tray with sea life motif
  • ceramic seashell serving bowl
  • two dish towels (not shown)

donated by Ron McCulley
Tequila Decanter Set

  • sealed with tequila
  • decorative wooden stand

donated by Sue Gross
Handmade Quilt

  • king-size

donated by Neil Rhodes of Vinyl’s New Groove
Vinyl Seahorse – Framed

  • created from old vinyl records
  • handcrafted by Neil Rhodes of Vinyl’s New Groove

donated by Carrie and Buster Primm

  • oil on canvas
  • 20″ x 15″
  • painted by Carol H M

donated by Rob and Michelle Booth
“Old Surfside Lighthouse”

  • pencil drawing by Denise Callen
  • framed
KA768 Emergency Lantern (Kalto)

  • indoor/outdoor solar light
  • with flashlight
  • has built-in rechargeable battery
  • USB DC output port

donated by Ron McCulley
Two Folding Wooden Deck Chairs

donated by Billie McCulley and Karalee Lance
Wicker-Framed Mirror with Beach Accents